Montreal Hostel Auberge L'Apero

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Apéro mean?
Apéro (Ah-PAY- roh) is the French word for aperitif, the cocktail you have before dinner to prepare your palate for a wonderful meal.

What are the front desk hours?
During the low season (October to March inclusively), our front desk is open from 10:00AM to 8:00PM Monday through Saturday, and from Noon to 8:00PM Sundays. During high season (April to September inclusively) our front desk is open from 10:00AM to 11:00PM Monday through Saturday, and from Noon to 8:00PM Sundays.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and Interac.

What type of ID do I need to stay at the Auberge?
L'Apéro requires a valid, government-issued photo identification card. This includes a passport, driver’s license, or provincial/state ID.

Do you have a curfew or a lockout?
No, there is no curfew and no lockout at L'Apéro.

Do you provide lockers and do I need to bring my own padlock?
Each guest is provided with a large locker to safely store belongings and no padlock is necessary.

Can I bring my own sleeping bag?
No, we provide clean sheets to all our guests upon arrival.

Can I bring a visitor to the hostel?
Yes, but only between during opening hours and all visitors must stop by the reception first with a government-issued photo identification card. We reserve the right to not accept some visitors if the hostel is too crowded.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you cancel 2 days or more before arrival, you will only loose your deposit; If you cancel 2 days before arrival, you will loose your deposit and be billed for 1 night; If you cancel 1 day or less before arrival, you will loose your deposit and be billed for up to 2 nights.

Is alcohol permitted in the hostel?
We try to maintain a balance between allowing our guests to fully enjoy their stay and maintaining a comfortable atmosphere for all our guests. For that reason, alcohol may only be consumed in a reasonable fashion in the common rooms, not in the dorms. We will also take appropriate action against drunk or excessively unruly guests, including ejection from the Auberge.
NOTE: The legal drinking age in the province of Québec is 18, for bars and stores. That law will be respected in the Auberge.

Are you pet-friendly?
We love pets, but due to the variety of guests that stay with us, and health regulations, we simply cannot allow animals into the Auberge.

Is there parking at the Auberge?
We have limited parking spaces available on a first come first served basis. However there is ample parking at several commercial parking lots nearby. The rates vary and we can help you arrange parking.

Do you have Internet Access?
Yes. If you have a laptop, we have free WiFi access throughout the hostel. If you do not, an Internet kiosk is also available at no cost.

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